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Raw Food Restaurant

Invite the Sun to your plate

Raw Food Course


Course is intended for everyone with interest in deeper knowledge of raw food. But not only theory, but with practical examples.

We will be discussing among others these topics:

  • What is raw food and what are it is benefits
  • Food categories, food combining
  • Kitchen equipments, and recipes:
  • Coctails
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Main dishes
  • Crackers, spreads
  • Desserts
Detail information:

Course starts at 10am. Duration of the course is about 5 hours. We recommend taking pen and paper with you. There is no need to take your own food. You will be easting everything what we prepare.

Price: 2000 CZK

Max. number of attendees: 8

Registration fee should be paid within 4 days since submitting registration form on this page by bank transfer of personally in the restaurant.

Language of the speaker is Slovak language

Course schedule
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