Od 16.3.2017 je restaurace a možnosti objednávek v eshopu uzavřeny. Pokud hledáte způsob jak změnit svůj životní styl, jste tu správně. Můžete nás kontaktovat zde.
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Journey to change

Opportuninty to change your life

Personal consultations

Dou you have feeling, that time has come for you to change something in your life? Are you interested more and more in food you eat? Have you started with living food, but you can not see the results? Would you like to improve your fitness nad/or mental health
Then you've come to the right place. We can show you the way, motivate and inspire you to make the important change. Change that can bring you more joy, harmony in your life.

We will love to share our knowledge and personal experience from our own lives and from our work as well. We can show you the path to follow to experience the same results. If you have made the decision to yourself that you want to be healthy and fit.

What can we offer?

  • Personal mentoring - we will find causes of your problems and recommend you how to get over them. We provide personal support in overcoming your challenges and obstacles on your journey to healthy active lifestyle.
  • Body analysis - get complex picture of your body. Can help you to focus on your weak areas.
  • Healthy breakfast - Healthy meal in practice. Start your day the healthy way! For more info about healthy breakfast, write an email to martin@kiwirawfood.cz.