Od 16.3.2017 je restaurace zavřená. Pokud hledáte způsob jak změnit svůj životní styl, jste tu správně. Můžete nás kontaktovat zde.
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 16:00
+420 601 321 494

Raw Food Restaurant

Invite the Sun to your plate

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65,-Butternut squash soup
65,-Dill soup
65,-Mushroom soup
65,-Orange soup
 Butternut squash soup Butternut squash soup
Avocado-mango-broccoli saladAvocado-mango-broccoli salad


139,-Green leaves salad with cucumber
139,-Carrot salad with lentil sprouts
139,-Red beet salad
139,-Butternut squash salad
139,-Sunflower salad with fruit
139,-Zucchini salad with cashew dressing

Main dishes

160,-Veggie noodles with dried tomatoes
165,-Stuffed veggie roll
200,-Garnished doughnut (pizza-shaped) with mushrooms
170,-Couliflower mash s curry dressing
179,-Buckwheat doughnuts
170,-Banana roll
Buckwheat doughnutsBuckwheat doughnuts
Apple noodles with poppy seedsApple noodles with poppy seeds

Sweet meals

89,-Pancakes with plum jam
89,-Pancakes with poppy seed filling
89,-Pancakes with cocoa filling
89,-Pancakes with coconut filling
75,-Buckwheat porridge with fruit
79,-Buckwheat porridge with poppy seeds
109,-Sweet apple noodles with poppy seeds

Mixed Beverages (0,5l)

89,-Date mix with cinnamon
89,-Orange with celery
89,-Green cleaner
89,-Almond creamy
89,-Carobean cocktail
95,-Cacao cocktail
89,-Plummy one
 Cocktail mix Cocktail mix
Onion flax crackersOnion flax crackers


35,-Flax crackers (50g)
37,-Sauerkraut crackers (50g)
55,-Garlic spread
55,-Sunflower spread


9,-Date ball
37,-Poppy tart
44,-Stuffed cupcake
12,-Almond savory
Poppy tartPoppy tart